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Work + Life Wellbeing

Beyond work life balance

International research has shown that the right work life balance programs can:

Increase performance by up to 21%

Significantly reduce absenteeism, burnout and turnover

Enable people to work up to 2 days more per week before experiencing work family difficulties

But the right work life balance programs don't focus on ‘balance’.

The Voice Project at Macquarie University, which has surveyed over 16,000 Australians across a wide variety of industries and workplaces, has found that ‘work life balance’ does not significantly impact on employee engagement or bottom line results.

But ‘wellbeing’ does.

That's why at Work + Life Wellbeing we help people achieve wellbeing at work and home.

Work + Life Wellbeing acknowledges that:

Work and family are interrelated and interconnected.

Work is beneficial to family life, and family life is beneficial to work.

Happy employees are more productive and effective at work, and they experience a better home life.

We teach people simple, practical ways proven by research to increase their wellbeing so people optimise work and family, and organisations increase their bottom line.

We also work with leaders to teach them how to optimise performance and create wellbeing for themselves and others.  The leaders in our program make a pledge to be a better leader and make the organisation more successful and a better place to work.

Teams learn how to work together as a team to create wellbeing and optimise team performance.

Our programs also teach people professionals how to design and deliver an organisation wellbeing program that aligns with the organisation’s strategic goals and guarantees a return on investment.  They are taught how to create wellbeing across their organisation to transform the organisation and sky rocket performance.

Our programs contribute to the value profit chain - happy employees create value, which makes happy customers, happy profits, and happy investors and stakeholders.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help create wellbeing for you, your employees, leaders, teams and organisation, please contact us at:

Work + Life Wellbeing
Bottom line business benefits

T: 0417 484 585